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Cambridge Public Health

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James Smith

James Smith is a public health doctor based in Cambridge. He works independently to protect and improve health by supporting action to address climate change and promote sustainable development.

From 2013-2014 James worked for Public Health England, the then new national body for public health in England, to establish its Sustainability Programme which brought together its work related to climate change, extreme weather events and sustainable development into a single comprehensive programme.

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Jonathan Cullen

Jonathan Cullen is the Professor of Sustainable Engineering at the University of Cambridge and the President of Fitzwilliam College.

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Lindsay Branham

I am a PhD candidate in psychology researching nature connection and what predicts lasting and sustainable bonds with the earth. I am an Emmy-nominated documentary filmmaker and am currently a Cambridge Trust Scholar.

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Susan Ifeagwu

I am a PhD Candidate studying universal health coverage (UHC) in Sub-Saharan Africa with a focus on Uganda. My research interests span health systems strengthening in low- and middle-income countries, health inequalities, global health policy, development and sustainability.

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Ronita Bardhan

Dr. Ronita Bardhan is Associate Professor of Sustainable Built Environment at the Department of Architecture, University of Cambridge. She leads the Sustainable Design research group at the university. Her research focuses on data-driven design for built environments that respond by reducing health and energy burdens in the warming climate. Bardhan combines architectural engineering, AI and machine learning with social sciences to develop built environment design solutions.

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Angelique Mavrodaris

Angelique is a Clinical Research Fellow at Cambridge Public Health, where she is working on linking health policy to sustainability agendas and exploring joint solutions. She is also a Consultant in Public Health Medicine at the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) and the Greater London Authority (GLA). She is currently leading the development of the London Climate and Health Programme with partners across the London Health and Care System.