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New evidence review identifies effective recommendations to tackle the global dementia crisis

12 March 2024

In a recent publication in The Lancet eClinicalMedicine, researchers at Cambridge Public Health have identified 26 evidence-based interventions for reducing population dementia risk. With global prevalence of dementia predicted to almost triple by 2050, the study underscores the urgency of implementing population-level...

Global call for collaborators: New GOAL-Trauma study seeks to advance trauma care worldwide

7 March 2024

Every year, over 5 million people die from traumatic injuries worldwide, highlighting the urgent need for advancements in trauma care. To address this critical issue, the GOAL-Trauma study, co-funded by the University of Cambridge, is calling upon doctors, researchers, and health-care professionals from across the globe to...

Special Interest Group: Brain health across the life course in highly diverse populations

1 March 2024

This Special Interest Group (SIG) invites researchers interested in the interconnected health and social determinants which impact brain health as we age. With a special emphasis on individuals with protected characteristics and highly diverse communities, we aim to enhance inclusion in research for those consistently...

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Cambridge Public Health is an Interdisciplinary Research Centre at the University of Cambridge. We aim to build connections between researchers, foster collaborations with health professionals working outside of academia and conduct research that improves the health and wellbeing of populations. Find out more about us here.

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