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Welcome to Cambridge Public Health. Our aim is to tackle society's most pressing public health problems through international collaboration.

From disease, to hunger, to mental health, we are working to improve research evidence, capacity building and our impact to build a better world for us all through ten interconnected pillars and themes.


Based at the University of Cambridge, an international leader in public health research, we are working across disciplines and with people to understand, develop new approaches to support better action and policies that address society’s major challenges. 


Capacity building

Our researchers come from a wide range of countries and academic fields. Their areas of interest span the social sciences, medicine, mathematics, engineering and humanities, to help us build the capacity to improve all areas of public health.



Our multicoloured, interweaved logo represents our commitment to working together, whatever our backgrounds and subjects, in pursuit of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development goals.


Latest news

CPH Annual Showcase Presentations Live
CPH Annual Showcase Presentations Live - 03 Jun 2021

The presentations from Cambridge Public Health's first ever Annual Showcase are now live on Cambridge University Press's Open Engage site.

Latest blog post

Revisiting the paradox of preventive medicine - Dr Stephen John
Revisiting the paradox of preventive medicine - Dr Stephen John

I once went to a talk by a prominent epidemiologist which involved discussing the work of the great British epidemiologist, Geoffrey Rose. In particular, the speaker was taken by Rose’s insight that often the best way to improve overall health outcomes is through “population strategies”...