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Supporting ECR involved in public health

Early Career Researcher network

Our Early Career Researcher (ECR) network, comprising more than 200 members, aims to support and increase the visibility of ECR involved or interested in public health. The network organises events to bring together researchers from multi-disciplinary backgrounds - creating opportunities for sharing knowledge and ideas, networking and collaborations.

Advisory committee

The network's activities are organised through an advisory committee comprising:

  • Dr Rakesh Modi: Wellcome Trust PhD Fellow in the Department of Public Health and Primary Care looking at successful models of implementing atrial fibrillation screening.
  • Daniel Stubs: PhD student in the Healthcare Design Group in the Department of Engineering. His research is looking at how observational research using electronic health records can be supported by tools from systems engineering. 
  • Sebastian Walsh: NIHR doctoral fellow in the Department of Psychiatry. His research focuses on developing the evidence base for whole population-based dementia prevention strategies.
  • Iris (Dongying) Ji: Research Associate at the Andrew and Virginia Rudd Research and Professional Practice Centre. She is interested in the interplay of different risk factors for chronic loneliness and common mental health problems.
  • Maria Ikonomova: Maria is a third year PhD student in the Centre for Sustainable Development in the Department of Engineering. Her PhD research explores how to manage physical infrastructure systems in cities to protect public health from climate-related hazards. 
  • Oguejiofor Ozioma: Oguejiofor is a member of Darwin College and is pursuing an MPhil in Population Health Sciences (Global Health) at the Department of Public Health and Primary Care. His research lies at the intersection of the built environment and health outcomes, with a focus on understanding the social and environmental factors that impact the health outcomes of populations.

Careers support for Early Career Researchers

The University of Cambridge Careers service offers support to all students through a team of experienced and impartial careers advisers.

Starting points

  • For Postdocs: A dedicated service with specialist advisors and resources. 
  • PhD students: Careers support for PhD students.

Career Essentials for PhDs and Postdocs

Meet the Careers Service 1:1

  • Appointments with Careers Consultants for postdoctoral and postgrad researchers – interview preparation, application review including CVs and cover letters, career exploration and more.     


Key resources

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CPH funding portal provides links to public health research funding opportunities in the UK and beyond

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