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There are a wide range of external evaluation resources available to support you with your evaluation work.

Experts in our East of England Population Health Resarch Hub (EoE PHResH) Evalutaion Working Group have selected the following resources by topic area to help guide you in your evaluation:

Planning: What am I evaluating? What questions do I hope to answer? Who should I speak to?
Title Author/Body Date of Publication Access Link Key Uses
Implementing Evaluations: Learning and Growing Through Evaluation. State Asthma Program Evaluation (module 1) CDC National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion. April 2010 Link to resource This is part of a series of evaluation documents. The first module in this series focuses on planning for evaluation. This guide is intended to be used by state and territorial public health departments (SHDs) that are receiving CDC funding for state asthma programs.
Planning Evaluability Assessments: A synthesis of the literature with recommendations Department For International Development commissioned Dr Rick Davis October 2013 Link to Resource This is a synthesis of the literature in evaluability in projects in developing countries from 1979 to 2013. Evaluability is defined as “The extent to which an activity or project can be evaluated in a reliable and credible fashion.”
The purpose of this synthesis paper is to produce a practical report that summarises the literature on Evaluability Assessments and gives recommendations based on this.
Developing and evaluating complex interventions: new guidance Medical Research Council (MRC) 2008

Link to Resource

Intended to help researchers choose and implement appropriate methods for evaluating complex interventions.
NHS Scotland: Evaluation NHS Scotland Ongoing Link to Resource To support NHS workers with support in outcome planning and evaluation processes
Guide to Analysing the Cost-Effectiveness of community public health prevention approaches Amanda A. Honeycutt, Ph.D. Laurel Clayton, B.A.
Olga Khavjou, M.A.
Eric A. Finkelstein, Ph.D. Malavika Prabhu, B.S. Jonathan L. Blitstein, Ph.D. W. Douglas Evans, Ph.D. Jeanette M. Renaud, Ph.D.
2006 Link to Resource To support program managers and evaluators understand, design, and perform cost effectiveness evaluations of community based public health initiatives.
The Program Manager’s guide to Evaluation: Second Edition Office of Planning, Research and Evaluation; Administration for Children and Families; US Department of Health and Human Services 2010 Link to resource To support program managers in planning and implementing a program evaluation. It is not intended to turn people into evaluators but to support them when working with people evaluators externally or internally.


Using what’s out there: Can/should I use existing data? Has this type of evaluation been done before?
Approaches to gathering and analysing evidence: How might I collect and analyse data?
Looking after evaluation participants: What ethical and legal considerations should I consider?
The ‘soft’ side of an evaluation: Who should manage the evaluation and how? How do I develop and maintain relationships? Should I commission specialist skills?
Communicating Findings: Who do I need to communicate to? What is the best way to reach them? What type of information might they respond to?
Acting on findings: How do I get evaluation findings implemented? What would success look like?
Overview: Should I evaluate? To what degree? What should I consider?