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Cambridge Public Health


The need for a positive vision of equitable primary care

October 2023

Right now, in parts of the UK, people are dying earlier than they should. Inequalities in primary care contribute to this; people with poorer access to primary care have poorer health outcomes and lives are cut short. We have decades of research describing these health inequalities, but practicable solutions have remained elusive.

Two independent research studies, EQUALISE – funded by NIHR and led by the University of Cambridge, and FAIRSTEPS – funded by Health Education England and led by the University of Sheffield, have combined their findings in the Building Equitable Primary Care toolkit. This toolkit equips healthcare practitioners and policy makers to redress the inequalities in primary care.

This policy brief sets out the case for building more equitable primary care including a range of guiding principles and evidence-informed actions. It draws findings from two research studies and presents a toolkit designed to equip practitioners and policymakers to address health inequalities.

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