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Are you thinking about planning or carrying out an evaluation at work? Do you have a question or challenge you would like to discuss with an expert and get some advice on? If so, then we offer you a ‘drop-in’ clinic where you can meet online with an expert for guidance.

At our clinic, which lasts up to an hour, you will meet one-on-one with Professor Andy Jones for advice and guidance on the next steps for your evaluation. Andy is a public health academic by background, having been a member of faculty at the University of East Anglia for almost three decades. He has recently spent some time in the public health team at Norfolk County Council, and he currently collaborates with the chronic disease charity C3 Collaborating for Health as well holding an honorary role in the Centre for Health Services Studies at the University of Kent.

All are welcome – no question too big or small!

They could include the following:

  • “I am responsible for a service, and I want to understand its performance and how it can be improved – what evaluation work can I do with my available data?”
  • “I am about to launch a new programme and I want to plan in evaluation – what type of evaluation design should I consider and what factors will influence that?”
  • “What should an evaluation plan include?”
  • “Have I thought about all the right people and teams I should involve in designing my evaluation?”
  • “What ethical issues do I need to think about with my evaluation work and who do I need to speak to?”
  • “Can my evaluation purpose and question be answered with the resource I have access to?”
  • “I have drafted a logic model for my evaluation, does it make sense?”
  • “Where can I find more detailed information on the methods I could use?”
  • “What should I plan for when reporting findings?”

If you would like to arrange a drop-in clinic, then just drop an email to Sharon Chow (