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Are you thinking about carrying out and planning an evaluation at work? Do you have a question or challenge you like to discuss with an expert and get some advice on? Book a place at our evaluation ‘drop-in’ clinic where you can meet online with an expert for guidance.

At our clinic, you will meet one-on-one with Professor Andy Jones, Public Health Expert Advisor, Norfolk County Council for advice and guidance on the next steps for your evaluation. All are welcome – no question too big or small!

They could include the following:

  • “I am responsible for a service, and I want to understand its performance and how it can be improved – what evaluation work can I do with my available data?”
  • “I am about to launch a new programme and I want to plan in evaluation – what type of evaluation design should I consider and what factors will influence that?”
  • “What should an evaluation plan include?”
  • “Have I thought about all the right people and teams I should involve in designing my evaluation?”
  • “What ethical issues do I need to think about with my evaluation work and who do I need to speak to?”
  • “Can my evaluation purpose and question be answered with the resource I have access to?”
  • “I have drafted a logic model for my evaluation, does it make sense?”
  • “Where can I find more detailed information on the methods I could use?”
  • “What should I plan for when reporting findings?”

Stay tuned for the upcoming drop-in clinic date!