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Cambridge Public Health


Improving the health and wellbeing of our societies, together

The world is currently facing unprecedented health challenges. A global pandemic, persistent inequalities in health care, demographic changes and the growing threat of climate change threaten to set back progress made in improving health in the twenty-first century.

They also bring into sharp focus the important role of public health in today’s world. It is only by looking at the big picture, and using strategic and systems-based approaches, can we begin to tackle the biggest issues in our society and to protect and improve public health and wellbeing.

At Cambridge Public Health, we are bringing together researchers from across the University, and working closely with external partners to address these real-world challenges.

Who we are

Cambridge Public Health is an interdisciplinary centre at the University of Cambridge. Based in the School of Technology, CPH is an umbrella organisation for more than 600 researchers and professionals working on public health issues. Together we strive to address public health challenges and improve health and wellbeing in our societies.

Established in 2020, CPH has evolved from, and brings together, elements of the earlier Cambridge Institute of Public Health (CIPH) and all of the PublicHealth @Cambridge Strategic Research Network. Through these earlier entities we have built long-standing relationships with key stakeholders, including the NHS and government departments, who continue to be actively involved as partners and through our advisory bodies. As we grow and evolve, we aim to further develop our partnerships worldwide to help tackle the pressing public health issues of our time.

CPH activities are supported by the University of Cambridge, charities, research councils and business.

What we do

We aim to make a major impact in addressing global challenges to population health and wellbeing through three channels:

  • Research: Conducting world-leading interdisciplinary research that addresses current and future public health challenges.
  • Capacity building: Supporting the next generation of public health researchers, practitioners and leaders through pipeline approaches to teaching and training programmes and education opportunities.
  • Impact: Collaborating with public health professionals, policy, business and others to increase the real-world impacts of our research including leadership of region wide activities for academic public health and academic-service linkages that include other universities in the region.