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Cambridge Public Health


The East of England Population Health Research Hub 2022 - 2023 Strategic Plan projects include:

Guidance for strengthening and developing regional hubs of engagement

Capture the challenges, solutions and learnings on what works in creating a regional hub of engagement to contribute to the development of other hubs in other regions, including an evaluation of different approaches through engagement with hub partners.

We plan to:

• Collaborate with other regional hubs in various stages of development to outline overarching principles for what works in developing regional hubs of engagement.

• Identify opportunities that may arise to test and refine the application of principles developed through collaborations with other regions.

Building regional evaluation capacity

The recently established EoE PHResH Evaluation Working Group draws on evaluation expertise from across the region to promote learning and help build evaluation capacity in local authorities.

Through our EoE PHResH Evaluation Working Group we plan to:

• Understand regional evaluation assets and needs through surveys and mapping exercises

• Deliver seminars, workshops and drop-in clinics to stimulate culture change and up-skill practitioners

• Signpost to existing resources and develop practical resources • Identify opportunities for funding and resources to meet needs

Co-designing a regional research strategy

Co-designing a regional research strategy to enable more effective connections with ongoing and upcoming regional research EoE PHResH aims to develop deep insights of local needs and assets through the co-design of a regional research strategy with local authorities, academia, DHSC OHID, NHS, UKHSA and representatives of the community.

This regional research strategy will seek to:

• Understand regional research needs, priorities, capacities and assets

• Effectively disseminate and translate ongoing research to inform local authority plans

• Facilitate input into upcoming research to enhance alignment with local needs

• Identify opportunities to link practitioners with common needs with academics with associated expertise

• Identify synergies in research needs across the region, and gaps in these which require funding proposals or Hub support to meet needs

Facilitating interdisciplinary approaches by local authorities

Improving population health requires an interdisciplinary approach if we are to address the complex underlying causes of our population health challenges and inequalities.

We will explore how EoE PHResH can facilitate a health in all policies approach within a local authority by taking a case study approach in collaboration with a local authority to:

• facilitating connections to draw evidence from teams across the local authority

• establish links to relevant interdisciplinary researchers via the EoE PHResH academic partners

Modelling and fostering relationships for evidence flows

Recent changes to the organisation of the public health system provides a fresh opportunity to understand how we can best bring together the diverse elements of the public health system in a way which most effectively integrates health of the public research and health and social care delivery.

To explore this we plan to:

• Develop and test a systems model to understand how regional hubs of engagement can foster relationships and collaborations which bring together elements of the complex public health system both within a region, between regions and between regional and national levels to support evidence informed population health approaches.