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Yaning Wu

Yaning (she/her) is a PhD student at the NIHR Blood and Transplant Research Unit in Donor Health and Behaviour. Using world-first large-scale datasets of voluntary blood donors in England, she is investigating the short- and long-term health effects of donation and hopes to generate evidence that will impact upon policy and practice in donor selection, care, and communications. Yaning has a background in epidemiology, social determinants of health, data science, and causal inference.

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Yuhan Zou

Yuhan is currently an MPhil student at the Department of Psychiatry. She obtained a BA degree in the School of Humanities at Tsinghua University. Yuhan's research topic is child maltreatment across different countries and cultures. Through her research, Yuhan aspires to contribute valuable insights to the fields of child psychiatry, cross-cultural studies, and family intervention strategies, addressing critical issues that have far-reaching implications for child mental health and well-being worldwide.

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Susie Nightingale

Susie is the Research and Impact Co-ordinator at the Andrew and Virginia Rudd Centre, Faculty of Education.

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Dr Sarah Steele

Dr Sarah Steele, is an Affiliated Lecturer at the University of Cambridge, a Bye-Fellow at St Edmund’s College, a Senior Lecturer in Health and Social Care and a Member of the Human Rights Centre at the University of Essex. She has carved a significant career in public health, law, and policy analysis. Her professional journey has led her through institutions like Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, the University of Cambridge, the University of Oxford, and the Australian National University, showcasing her extensive expertise in these fields.

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Anna Moore Winter

Dr Anna Moore is Assistant Professor in Child Psychiatry and Medical Informatics in the Department of Psychiatry, University of Cambridge. Her goal is to develop personalised, preventative clinical pathways for children’s mental health.

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Richard Milne

Dr Richard Milne is Senior Social Scientist in the Society and Ethics Research Group at the Wellcome Genome Campus and Senior Visiting Research Fellow in the Department of Public Health and Primary Care at the University of Cambridge. His research focusses on social and ethical questions associated with the development of new medical technologies, particularly related to dementia and genomic medicine.

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Jonathan R Goodman

I am a postdoctoral researcher in population health science and science writer interested in human social evolution, evolutionary medicine, and public health. I received my PhD from Cambridge's Leverhulme Centre for Human Evolutionary Studies in 2023; my first book, Invisible Rivals: how we evolved to compete in a cooperative world, is forthcoming with Yale University Press. I am also the editor at Cambridge Public Health.

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Mikkel Kenni Bruun

Dr Bruun is a social anthropologist and Research Associate at King’s College London where he is working on the SAMCOM project ( that investigates forms of surveillance and monitoring in Germany and Britain, funded by the European Research Council. He currently researches the question of health surveillance in the UK through fieldwork with users of digital self-monitoring technologies, such as health-tracking apps and smartwatches.