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John Clarkson

Professor John Clarkson’s research interests are in the general area of engineering design, particularly the development of design methodologies to address specific design issues, for example, process management, change management, healthcare design and inclusive design. As well as publishing over 800 papers, he has written and edited a number of books on medical equipment design, inclusive design and process management.

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Dr. Anmol Arora

Anmol Arora is an Academic Foundation Doctor at Cambridge University with an intercalated degree in Management Studies from the Cambridge Judge Business School. His research focusses on the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning in healthcare. He holds honorary research affiliations with NHS England and Improvement and Moorfields Eye Hospital, London.

Read more at: Half-day symposium promotes how technology & systems thinking can improve public health

Half-day symposium promotes how technology & systems thinking can improve public health

3 April 2023

CPH's recent event on technology & systems in public health, part of the 2023 Cambridge Festival, drew wide attention to the increasing importance of innovation in healthcare. Our speakers, which ranged from academics to healthcare professionals and startup CEOs, describes how, across the public health sphere...

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Tom Bashford

Tom’s principal academic interest is in developing a systems understanding of interventions to improve peri-operative care in low income settings, working closely with the NIHR Global Health Research Group on Neurotrauma.  His introduction to global health came working with VSO in Ethiopia between 2011-2012, during which time he closely worked with Lifebox Foundation.

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Peter Charlton

Peter Charlton is a British Heart Foundation Research Fellow in the Department of Public Health and Primary Care, at the University of Cambridge. He develops biomedical signal processing techniques to analyse data from digital wearable devices for clinical decision making.

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Abhirup Ghosh

Mobile phones and personal wearable devices will play a major role in deploying public health screening and monitoring applications at scale, due to their pervasive penetration in the population and capability to sense the intricate details of daily lives. My research interest is to build machine learning algorithms and systems that are suitable for these applications and can run on the resource constrained end-devices. Alongside, I also care about the privacy of the users and want to protect individual’s data while enabling aggregate inferences.

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Mikkel Kenni Bruun

Dr Bruun is a social anthropologist and Research Associate at King’s College London where he is working on the SAMCOM project ( that investigates forms of surveillance and monitoring in Germany and Britain, funded by the European Research Council. He currently researches the question of health surveillance in the UK through fieldwork with users of digital self-monitoring technologies, such as health-tracking apps and smartwatches.