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CPH's recent event on technology & systems in public health, part of the 2023 Cambridge Festival, drew wide attention to the increasing importance of innovation in healthcare. Our speakers, which ranged from academics to healthcare professionals and startup CEOs, describes how, across the public health sphere, technological tools and systems thinking are revolutionizing healthcare.


Dr Tom Bashford, who leads our Technology and Systems theme, organized the symposium and led the event's proceedings.


Dr Michelle Rigozzi, CAPE Policy Fellow, spoke about applying systems thinking approaches to NHS policy.


Dr Piyush Mahapatra, Director of Innovation at Open Medical, focused on digitization in healthcare delivery.


Dr Laura Walker, Emergency Medicine Physician at the Mayo Clinic, discussed how to bridge theory to practice in technology and health.


Finn Stevenson, Co-founder and CEO at flok health, talked about how we can best deliver healthcare innovations.


Dr Kirsten Rennie, Senior Research Associate at the MRC Epidemiology Unit at the University of Cambridge, explained the issues posed and promises offered by wearables.


And finally, Dr Gemma Bale, Assistant Professor in Medical Therapeutics at the University of Cambridge's Department of Engineering, showed how we can harness emerging technologies to measure brain activity using light.


Interested in learning more about this topic and contributing to innovations that improve public health? Check out our Master of Studies in Healthcare Innovation; the deadline to apply is 17 April 2023.

Technology and Systems team

For more information about the research theme please email Dr Tom Bashford


Healthcare Innovation Programme

The Healthcare Innovation programme aims to enhance the ability of people to innovate in the healthcare sector. Jointly developed by the Department of Engineering and Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, the programme consists of three successive part-time courses designed to fit with the demands of full-time employment.  

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