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Cambridge Public Health

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Caroline Lee

Caroline has been a researcher across a variety of policy areas, including public health, mental health, employment, education, and childcare. With experience across the range of research methodologies, she favours qualitative approaches, and is interested in participatory methods.

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Joyce Coker

Dr Joyce Coker is a Research Associate at Cambridge Public Health. She has a background in Human Physiology and Public Health. During her PhD (University of Leeds, 2015), she used a mixed method approach to examine the influence of statin-use on the health beliefs and health behaviours of adults at risk of cardiovascular disease in South Yorkshire, England and in urban and semi-urban cities in Nigeria.

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Lindsay Wallace

Lindsay is a Canadian Banting Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Cambridge in Public Health. She is from Halifax, Nova Scotia in Canada and has earned an MSc from McGill University (Neuroscience), and a PhD from Dalhousie University (Interdisciplinary Health Studies). She blends insights from epidemiology, public health, and neuroscience to better understand how dementia arises and how public health approaches may be able to address prevention.

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Mikkel Kenni Bruun

Dr Bruun is a social anthropologist and Research Associate at King’s College London where he is working on the SAMCOM project ( that investigates forms of surveillance and monitoring in Germany and Britain, funded by the European Research Council. He currently researches the question of health surveillance in the UK through fieldwork with users of digital self-monitoring technologies, such as health-tracking apps and smartwatches.