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My broad research interest is the role of society in everyday practice. My PhD research looked at end of life care provision in England by considering the interaction of individuals, professional groups and organisations involved in the care of patients who die shortly after admission to hospital.

Publications from Elements

Journal articles

2023 (Accepted for publication)

  • Hoare, S., Thomas, GPA., Powell, A., Armstrong, N., Mant, J. and Burt, J., 2023 (Accepted for publication). Why do people choose not to take part in screening? Qualitative interview study of atrial fibrillation screening non-participation Health Expectations,
  • 2022 (Accepted for publication)

  • Hoare, S., Powell, A., Modi, R., Armstrong, N., Griffin, S., Mant, J. and Burt, J., 2022 (Accepted for publication). Why do people take part in atrial fibrillation screening? Qualitative interview study in English primary care BMJ Open,
    Doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2021-051703
  • Hoare, S., Antunes, B., Kelly, MP. and Barclay, S., 2022 (Accepted for publication). Approaches to measuring quality in end-of-life care: moving beyond place of death BMJ Supportive & Palliative Care,
  • Williams, K., Modi, RN., Dymond, A., Hoare, S., Powell, A., Burt, J., Edwards, D., Lund, J., Johnson, R., Lobban, T., Lown, M., Sweeting, M., Thom, H., Kaptoge, S., Fusco, F., Morris, S., Lip, GYH., Armstrong, N., Cowie, MR., Fitzmaurice, D., Freedman, B., Griffin, S., Sutton, S., Hobbs, FDR., McManus, RJ. and Mant, J., 2022 (Accepted for publication). A cluster randomised controlled trial of screening for atrial fibrillation in people aged 70 years and over to reduce stroke: protocol for the pilot study for the SAFER trial BMJ Open,
  • 2022

  • Hoare, S., Antunes, B., Kelly, MP. and Barclay, S., 2022. End-of-life care quality measures: beyond place of death. BMJ Support Palliat Care,
  • Powell, A., Hoare, S., Modi, R., Williams, K., Dymond, A., Chapman, C., Griffin, S., Mant, J. and Burt, J., 2022. How to embed qualitative research in trials: insights from the feasibility study of the SAFER trial programme. Trials, v. 23
  • 2021 (Accepted for publication)

  • Modi, R., Kelly, S., Hoare, S., Powell, A., Kuhn, I., Usher-Smith, J., Mant, J. and Burt, J., 2021 (Accepted for publication). Delivering screening programmes in primary care: protocol for a scoping and systematic mixed-studies review BMJ Open,
  • Papavasiliou, E., Hoare, S., Kelly, M., Bowers, B. and Barclay, S., 2021 (Accepted for publication). Out-of-hours services and end-of-life hospital admissions: A complex intervention systematic review and narrative synthesis British Journal of General Practice,
  • 2020 (Accepted for publication)

  • Polak, L., Hopkins, S., Barclay, S. and Hoare, S., 2020 (Accepted for publication). The difference an End of Life diagnosis makes: a qualitative study of community care providers’ perspectives British Journal of General Practice,
  • 2019 (Accepted for publication)

  • Bowers, B., Ryan, R., Hoare, S., Pollock, K. and Barclay, S., 2019 (Accepted for publication). Anticipatory syringe drivers: a step too far BMJ Supportive and Palliative Care,
  • 2018 (Accepted for publication)

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  • 2018

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  • 2015

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  • 2013

  • Morris, ZS., Fyfe, M., Momen, N., Hoare, S. and Barclay, S., 2013. Understanding hospital admissions close to the end of life (ACE) study. BMC Health Serv Res, v. 13
  • Conference proceedings


  • Hoare, S., Kelly, MP., Prothero, L. and Barclay, SIG., 2018. 69 Ambulance practitioners and end-of-life hospital admissions: an interview study Poster presentations,
  • Theses / dissertations


  • Hoare, S., 2017. Understanding end-of-life admissions: an interview study of patients admitted to a large English hospital shortly before death