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Rose is Global Health Research Manager at the University of Cambridge Research Office. She has more than 12 years experience of health research management (NHS, Academic and Commercial). She gained global research experience as temporary cover on the GCRF TIGR2ESS and MillNET_i programmes, working with partners in India, Ethiopia and The Gambia.

Publications from Elements

Journal articles

2019 (Accepted for publication)

  • Grist, JT., Zaccagna, F., Riemer, F., Gill, A., Gallagher, F., McLean, M., Deen, S., Daniels, C., Eichenberger, R., Laurent, M-C., Basu, B., Lomas, D., Graves, M., Woitek, R., Wilkinson, I. and Coles, A., 2019 (Accepted for publication). Quantifying normal human brain metabolism using hyperpolarized [1-13C]pyruvate and magnetic resonance imaging NeuroImage,
  • 2018 (Accepted for publication)

  • Griffin, SJ., Bethel, MA., Holman, RR., Khunti, K., Wareham, N., Brierley, G., Davies, M., Dymond, A., Eichenberger, R., Evans, P., Gray, A., Greaves, C., Harrington, K., Hitman, G., Irving, G., Lessels, S., Millward, A., Petrie, JR., Rutter, M., Sampson, M., Sattar, N. and Sharp, S., 2018 (Accepted for publication). Metformin in non-diabetic hyperglycaemia: the GLINT feasibility RCT. Health Technol Assess, v. 22
  • 2014

  • Mathus-Vliegen, EMH. and Eichenberger, RI., 2014. Fasting and meal-suppressed ghrelin levels before and after intragastric balloons and balloon-induced weight loss. Obes Surg, v. 24