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I am an economic and social historian interested in understanding how contemporary inequalities are shaped by the past, bringing a more long-term view to explain how and why societies distribute resources, opportunities and capabilities. I direct an international research network on Inequality, Social Science and History, funded by the AHRC and the Philomathia Foundation. My current research explores the creation, evolution of authoritarian welfare regimes in Southern Europe and Latin America and their implications for social inequalities. This has evolved from earlier work which explored the interaction between the Portuguese Dictatorship and its citizens to explain the emergence of social movements of the urban poor during the Carnation Revolution (1974-1976), a theme which is explored in the book Lisbon Rising: Urban Social Movements in the Portuguese Revolution, 1974-1975 (University of Manchester Press 2013).

Publications from Elements

Book chapters


  • Ramos Pinto, P., 2024. A Fascist Social Justice?
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  • 2019. Rethinking Democratisation in Spain, Greece and Portugal
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  • Ramos Pinto, P., 2019. Inequality by Numbers: The Making of a Global Political Issue?
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  • Journal articles

    2022 (Accepted for publication)

  • Ramos Pinto, P. and Papadogiannis, N., 2022 (Accepted for publication). Social change, protest and participation in Greece, Portugal and Spain Melanges de la Casa de Velazquez,
  • 2021 (Accepted for publication)

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  • 2018 (Accepted for publication)

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  • 2008

    Doi: 10.1017/s0018246x08007176
  • Theses / dissertations

    2021 (No publication date)

  • Webster, R., 2021 (No publication date). Urban Change, Sexual Politics and Women’s Activism in Spain, 1958 to 1982
  • 2019

  • Carvalho, TM., 2019. Contesting Austerity: A Comparative Approach to the Cycles of Protest in Portugal and Spain under the Great Recession
  • Kunkeler, NDB., 2019. Myth and respectability in Swedish and Dutch fascism, 1931-40
  • Serri, N., 2019. The Cassa Integrazione Guadagni, unemployment welfare and industrial conflict in post-war Italy, 1941-1987
  • Books


  • 2021. Universal Basic Income in Historical Perspective
    Doi: 10.1007/978-3-030-75706-9
  • 2019

  • 2019. Histories of Global Inequality
  • 2015

  • Ramos Pinto, PE. and Taithe, BE., 2015. The impact of history? : histories at the beginning of the twenty-first century
  • 2013

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  • 2007

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  • Reports


  • Sriprakash, A., Nally, D., Myers, K. and Pinto, PR., 2020. Learning with the Past: Racism, Education and Reparative Futures
  • Other publications


  • Ramos Pinto, P., 2017. The Revolution before the Revolution: late authoritarianism and student protest in Portugal Social History, v. 42
  • 2008

  • Pinto, PR., 2008. The spirit of ’68: rebellion in western Europe and north America, 1956-1976 Historical Journal, v. 51
  • Internet publications


  • Ramos Pinto Oliveira da Silva, P., 2016. The Inequality Debate: Why Now, Why like This?