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I am interested in the way people make sense of the world around them, and in issues of health and illness in particular. I consider the ways in which this process of sense-making is socially shared and situated. I have researched understandings of mental health problems amongst different groups in particular, and have an interest in stigma, and the ways in which it can be tackled.
I spoke at the 2017 Network Showcase

Publications from Elements

Journal articles

2017 (Accepted for publication)

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  • 2017

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  • 2013 (No publication date)

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  • Books


  • Foster, J., Sammut, G., Salvatore, S. and Ruggieri, R., 2017. The Yearbook of Idiographic Science: the application of research
  • 2007

  • Foster, JLH., 2007. Journeys through mental illness
  • Book chapters


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  • 2015

  • Foster, JLH., 2015. Engaging with the views and needs of users of psychological services
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  • 2014

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  • 2008

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  • Conference proceedings

    2011 (No publication date)

  • Foster, JLH., 2011 (No publication date). Symposium E5 paper
  • 2011

  • Foster, JLH., 2011. ⌈Control versus chaos: differences in advertisements for non-psychiatric and psychiatric medication in professional journals.
  • 2010

  • Foster, JLH., 2010. Qualitative research into mental health service clients’ understanding of mental health problems: interaction between clients and professionals