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Cambridge Public Health


My research mainly focus on pre-prevention of cognitive function decline, prevention of dementia among healthy elderly, and health care for patients who have developed dementia.

Publications from Elements

Journal articles

2019 (Accepted for publication)

  • Wang, H., Fleming, J., Brayne, C., Zhao, E., Dening, T. and Khaw, K-T., 2019 (Accepted for publication). Is loneliness associated with increased health and social care utilisation in the oldest old? Findings from a population-based longitudinal study BMJ Open,
  • 2018 (Accepted for publication)

  • Wang, H., Leng, Y., Zhao, E., Fleming, J. and Brayne, CEG., 2018 (Accepted for publication). Mortality risk of loneliness in the oldest old over a 10-year follow-up Aging and Mental Health,