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Cambridge Public Health


My research is concerned with the design and analysis of phase I clinical trials for novel chemotherapy treatments, or combinations thereof. I use statistical methods and probabilistic modelling to determine what doses of drugs trial patient should receive in order to reduce the risk of severe side effects, whilst simultaneously increasing the potential benefit these novel drugs may have for patients. This work has been partly in collaboration with scientists at Cancer Research UK, as well as independently driven and was the main focus of my PhD thesis (2014, University of Cambridge).Further to this, I am involved in a collaborative study with the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Cambridge that is modelling the structural changes of the brain in adolescents using structural MRI scans. I am also one of two statisticians for a multi-centre randomised controlled trial of Weight-loss Referrals for Adults in Primary care (WRAP), led by members of the MRC Human Nutrition Research Unit in Cambridge.