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Epidemiology of chronic disease, Genetic susceptibility, Environmental factors

I have worked for several years in chronic noncommunicable disease epidemiology, and I am particularly interested in understanding the impact of genetic susceptibility and environmental factors on chronic disease, as well as to examine their interplay.

I currently assess cancer health outcomes and the effect of different treatments in cancer patients with inherited cancer susceptibility genes (e.g. BRCA1, BRC2), using cancer registry data, molecular data among other routinely collected electronic health nodes. I have also examined the increased risk and possible causal associations between blood biomarkers and mortality, using data from large observational studies (e.g. UK Biobank, European multicentre studies). Earlier on, I designed a study investigating survival and disease severity in a rare disease as well as a study examining prescribed medication at primary health care, applying advanced methods to assess the variation over space and time and gaining more reliable results.

For my work, I have employed multiple analytical strategies, including several regression analyses, cox proportional hazards and Mendelian Randomisation analyses as well as constructed Genetic Risk Scores and conducted linear and logistic Genome-wide associations (GWASs). These statistical models allowed quantifying associations among health outcomes and risk factors.

I am also responsible for teaching Ecological & Geographical studies in the MPhil Epidemiology and Public Health, as well as student supervision. or @ESofianopoulou on Twitter

Publications from Elements

Journal articles

2020 (Accepted for publication)

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  • Conference proceedings


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