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Cambridge Public Health


Charlie Artingstoll runs Sin Sar Bar — a social change organisation in Myanmar. His work focuses on taking important ideas and concepts, and finding creative ways to communicate them to the general public across multiple channels and also multiple languages. Key to his approach is working together with grassroots civil society organisations to ensure that the messages reach the right people in ways that people best understand. Currently he is focusing on running two projects in the areas of mental health and human rights — projects he is collaborating on with faculties at the University of Cambridge.

In the past he has run projects on a wide range of issues — landmine awareness, COVID-19, domestic abuse, drug dependency and other social issues. Before starting Sin Sar Bar, Charlie worked in the development sector, working for both microfinance and alternative development programs for opium farmers. He has lived in Myanmar for nearly 10 years and has produced a number of articles and interviews on various topics in both English and Burmese.