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Cambridge Public Health

Evidence synthesis theme

Supporting public health researchers in developing evidence synthesis skills  


The gathering of existing evidence is an essential part of any research – the process crystallises current knowledge, identifies gaps, and contextualises future work. Every researcher needs core skills in identifying the question, selecting the appropriate resources to search, knowing how to search them thoroughly, critiquing the evidence gathered, and then disseminating the new knowledge. Cross disciplinary working adds another layer of complexity to evidence synthesis. 

What we do

The theme of Evidence Synthesis crosses all the pillars of Cambridge Public Health and is integral to all the areas of research. Work in this theme aims to support students, researchers, and public health professionals in developing the information skills which are necessary for evidence synthesis. We also work to ensure that tailored support is available for the complex interdisciplinary work carried out through CPH.

Evidence Synthesis team


University libraries


The University Libraries offer both in person and online support.

CamGuides focus on the academic and information practices and skills that students engage in and require for their degrees. 

The Medical Library team offers subject specific support through group teaching and one-to-one support ranging from grant writing to publication. 

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