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Carol Brayne

Carol is a medically qualified epidemiologist and public health academic. She has pioneered the study of dementia in population. Carol’s principal area of research has been longitudinal studies of the health of older people, with a focus on the brain, from a public health perspective. This included pioneering work bringing biology to populations including the creation of brain banks for medical research from population studies.

Read more at: New systematic review shines an important light on older adults' mobility

New systematic review shines an important light on older adults' mobility

17 July 2024

A new systematic review shines an important light on older adults' mobility. Funded by the World Health Organisation, The impact of transport, housing, and urban development interventions on older adults’ mobility examines recent experimental and quasi-experimental studies with mobility outcomes. While the review yielded...

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Richard Merrick

I am a ARUK funded PhD student supervised by Prof Brayne exploring gender differences in dementia in the Cognitive Function in Ageing Study (CFAS). I am also a Specialty Registrar in Public Health in the East of England (out of programme).

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Abhirup Ghosh

Mobile phones and personal wearable devices will play a major role in deploying public health screening and monitoring applications at scale, due to their pervasive penetration in the population and capability to sense the intricate details of daily lives. My research interest is to build machine learning algorithms and systems that are suitable for these applications and can run on the resource constrained end-devices. Alongside, I also care about the privacy of the users and want to protect individual’s data while enabling aggregate inferences.

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Sebastian Walsh

I am an NIHR doctoral fellow (2022-25), researching population-level approaches to dementia risk reduction. During my PhD I will be using mixed methods, including quantitative analysis, qualitative interviewing, policy analysis, and systematic reviewing. My background is as an applied public health academic, and I have been training as a public health specialty registrar in the East of England region since 2018. I qualified from Keele Medical School in 2015, and passed an MPhil in Public Health at the University of Cambridge in 2018-19 with distinction.